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As a Veteran I appreciate the value in being as efficient as possible. When I started working in Health Insurance five years ago I was amazed at the cost. The high monthly premium and high annual deductible with minimal coverage just seems like a horrible idea. I started Honor Insurance in order to save people significant amounts of money. By bundling smaller policies together I am able to save my clients half of what they were paying and give them more coverage than they currently have.

People need insurance to cover three main events. A catastrophic hospitalization. Wither that hospitalization is due to sickness, critical illness or an accident they need insurance to cover their hospital stay. People need insurance to cover accidents or unforeseen incidents, falls at home, accidents at work, auto accidents, sports injuries. The last major type of protection needed is for a diagnosis of Cancer, Heart Attack, or Stroke. These three policies make up the core of what we do at Honor Insurance. We protect these three major areas and then add supplemental policies to give you a complete insurance package.

Traditional insurance is expensive and has limitations on coverage and care. A typically family of four will pay about $1200 a month for coverage and still have a $7000 annual deductible. That’s a minimum cost of $21,400 a year for the privilege of having health coverage. For a client diagnosed with Cancer they will have their annual deductible to meet as well as Cancer Treatment cost. The average cancer treatment cost about $18,000 a year in chemo and radiation. This is the cost to the client after traditional insurance. This seemed just outrageous to me. I started researching what was covered and it what level. What doctors are in network or out of network. I also started to research alternative ways of insuring families. The plans I have bundled together have eliminated the costly annual deductible and cut the monthly premium in half for most clients. The same family of four would pay a monthly premium of about $700 and have no annual deductible for a total annual cost of $8400. That is an annual savings of $13,000.

Our packages include four main polices. I consider these policies the four legs of a table. The table will work with one of the legs missing but it works best with all four legs. Catastrophic, Accident, Cancer Heart and Stroke, and Hospital Admission are the four main policies I talk with my clients about.
The first plan covers catastrophic hospitalization issues. If you are admitted to the hospital for any reason this plan kicks in and starts to cover your cost. Wither you choose a cash pay plan or a more traditional plan that covers between $150,000- $500,000 per incident we can figure out which plan works best for you. Some of my clients like the option for Cash Pay because they are able to negotiate with the Hospital a lower rate. Typically 40% lower than the initial bill. Other clients feel more comfortable with a larger amount of coverage and no negotiation.
Minor Hospital or ER visits are an important part of any insurance package. These are my favorite policy because they pay on top of any other coverage you have. If you visit an ER, or Urgent Care facility this plan will pay up to $10,000 per incident with no max on how many times in a year it is used. Husband falls of a ladder putting up Christmas lights and breaks an arm, this plan pays. The next day the son falls of a bike and breaks his collar bone this plan pays. A week later the wife falls at home and twist her ankle this plan pays. This policy is the one that protects you from having to pay a large deductible. This plan pays on actual charges as well. If you went to the ER with traditional Insurance and you had an ER co-pay of $500 that would be your cost. The accident plan kicks in and pays you the entire amount that the insurance company was charged. If the broken arm cost $3200 that is what you would be paid on this plan even though you only had a $500 ER co-pay.
If you are admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay the bills are going to start adding up. This plan pays a large lump sum when first admitted to the hospital. It can pay $6300 or $5000 on first admission into a hospital. This is a great plan for young couples who are looking to start a family. For a minimal premium you are able to cover your hospital stay for delivery of a baby. If you purchase a plan that has a $5000 deductible this plan would be a great way to cover that deductible
The last of my core plans is a Cancer Heart and Stroke Plan. The CHAS plan is their to help in the event that you are diagnosed with Cancer or have a heart attack or stroke. This plan pays a lump sum of $25K-$50K. This money can be used for treatment or in the event of a terminal diagnosis it could be used for Final Expenses. I am a big believer in these types of policies as both of my parents have been diagnosed and survived Cancer. The treatment cost were astronomical, and a first diagnosis policy would have made a huge difference in their treatment.
The amount of money that I could save clients is what prompted me to launch Honor Insurance. When I talk to clients and they see the amount of money they are going to save they all ask why have I not seen this before. These types of policies have been around for over thirty years, its just that healthcare cost have recently gotten so expensive that people are looking for alternatives now. These polices are perfect for anyone who is looking to save some money and give their family more coverage. There are endless possibilities in the life and health market. You do NOT have to us the traditional Affordable Care Act. My objective is simple; make sure everyone I work with is educated about the types of insurance they are purchasing. I find the best possible plan & rate for everyone’s specific needs and budget. I make sure that everyone knows everything there is to know about the plan(s) they are considering and shop for the best rate.

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