Health Sharing Plans for Individuals and Families

Providing thousands of dollars of savings for American Family’s by bundling health policies.

Why and How you save me money?

Honor insurance can save you THOUSANDS of $ a year. The cost for health insurance in addition with expensive deductibles can truly inflate healthcare coverage to over 10k plus a year. We look at healthcare in different ways and give you back control of your health care insurance. We specialize in providing American families a good health care policy and to us that means

  • Minimizing out of pocket expense
  • An affordable monthly fee
  • Control over who you see

Not sure which policy to get?

Below are 3 of our top policy bundles


  • Minimal Premium
  • Great Catastrophic Incident Coverage
  • Guarantee Issue
  • No annual enrollment period


  • Minimal Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Prescriptions
  • $3,000 per day in the hospital
  • Pays $75 when you go to the doctor
  • $500 for MRI
  • Pays $25 for a prescription
  • No Annual Deductible


  • Set annual out of pocket max
  • Low deductible/ Zero Deductible
  • Great Network Coverage
  • Most like traditional coverage
  • Guarantee Issue
  • No annual enrollment period
  • Telemedicine
  • Preventative covered 100%

The Honor Difference


Are you frustrated by the limitations presented to you by the healthcare industry? Do you want more control over your healthcare? Do you want the freedom to pick and choose the coverage that is ideal for you and your family? Is your monthly premium over $1000 dollars for your family with a high premium? Honor Insurance understands and is here to provide the flexible and competitively-priced Christian health sharing plans that you deserve.


Discover Who We Are

We are a veteran-owned, small business founded in Arlington, TX, based on our frustrations with the limitations imposed on us by insurance companies. We provide bundles of insurance packages, allowing you to choose what health insurance you need and what degree of coverage you desire. We work with families in the Dallas Fort Worth area that want a better option for health insurance. Our family values motivate us to provide Christian health sharing insurance plans that are ideal for your situation and allow you to care for your family. We bundle multiple plans to make sure your health care needs are met and eliminate high deductibles. Health care is costly with the high monthly premiums on top of climbing annual deductibles. By bundling a variety of customized and focused healthcare packages together, we not only restore freedom to healthcare but save our clients thousands of dollars a year. Literally thousands of dollars a year. Honor Insurance is committed to providing you the Christ-centered, veteran-owned, family-values driven insurance that we all deserve. Our shared faith in Christ and belief in the freedom our country was founded upon guide our work in bringing you the health insurance options you need. The best part about the plans is that, even though they are Christian health sharing plans, there are no religious qualifications to be accepted, and we do not turn anyone down that needs health care. We are ready to serve you. Get a quote and a customized insurance plan through our website or by phone at 817-223-4095. Honor Insurance is Christ-centered, veteran-owned, and Texas Proud. If you have not looked at saving on health insurance, you should start now.


Whitney Welch

Jonathan was able to give us healthcare coverage at an affordable price! My family is very happy to be going through Honor Insurance for all of our insurance needs. Jonathan was always there to answer a question or address any concerns we had during the process of switching our insurance over to Honor Insurance. Would highly recommend!

Wes Welch

I bought insurance from Jonathan, at Honor insurance. I have to say that Jonathan is very knowledgeable about the product he sells. He was able to provide insurance for my whole family. Very happy with my experience and would highly recommend buying Insurance from Honor insurance!

Anthony Defelice

Being a small business owner it is hard to find healthcare or at least affordable health care. Obamacare is a joke with very little options on the exchange. I was thrilled to learn how Honor Insurance can provide healthcare coverage for an affordable price. They gave me the freedom to pick the policies that best suited my life.

DeeAnne Row

Jon was extremely helpful when we were rolling off COBRA insurance and trying to find a plan that would fit our needs. Insurance, even in the national exchange, is very expensive. My husband and I are both business owners and I thought one of us was going to have to go back into a corporate position in order to have coverage. Jon worked with us tirelessly and, in the end, he found us a great plan that was well within our budget. If you need a private insurance policy that won’t break the bank, you owe it to yourself and your budget to talk to Jon!

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We strive to offer custom affordable healthcare fo you & your family.  Honor Insurance is veteran owned and we look forward to talking with you.