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Manhattan Life



Manhattan Life has a great plan for clients who are willing to view insurance a little bit differently. Part of the heavy cost of health insurance is due to the amount hospitals and doctors charge insurance companies. With Manhattan Life they have negotiated the cash price already so you can present your insurance card and get the cash price. Or you can pay cash and negotiate the cash price yourself. This plan will then pay you directly instead of the hospital. This type of plan is very cash heavy. First night in the hospital pays you $11,000 and each night after pays $3000. This is a great way to have catastrophic coverage at a minimal cost.

Not sure which policy to get?

Below are 3 of our top policy bundles


  • Minimal Premium
  • Great Catastrophic Incident Coverage
  • Guarantee Issue
  • No annual enrollment period


  • Minimal Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Prescriptions
  • $3,000 per day in the hospital
  • Pays $75 when you go to the doctor
  • $500 for MRI
  • Pays $25 for a prescription
  • No Annual Deductible


  • Set annual out of pocket max
  • Low deductible/ Zero Deductible
  • Great Network Coverage
  • Most like traditional coverage
  • Guarantee Issue
  • No annual enrollment period
  • Telemedicine
  • Preventative covered 100%

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