Health Insurance Agent Fort Worth

Health Insurance Agent Fort Worth

If you’re looking for a health insurance agent in Fort Worth who can make sense of the complex insurance laws of the 21st Century, Honor Insurance is the best place to begin your search. If you want to find an affordable and reliable health insurance agent in Fort Worth who can connect you to the right plan for your small business and let you know all of your options, contact Honor Insurance.

Our firm hires only the most knowledgeable and experienced health insurance agents to join our team. We want our agents to conduct themselves ethically at all times, in line with the principles of Honor Insurance. It is the job of our agents to connect our clients with health insurance products that suit their individual and small business needs, and we can proudly say that our agents are among the best in the American South.

The Irony of Health Insurance

Americans are the most insured people in the world. The typical American adult carries home insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, renters insurance, and even pet insurance. Most of these insurance policies work well and are reasonably priced. However, there is one glaring exception – health insurance.

Only health insurance becomes more complicated and more expensive at the same time. So the obvious question is “Why?” To answer this question, we must start at the beginning. What is insurance? The answer is pretty straight-forward. Insurance is a system where members pay a monthly fee to provide financial protection against unforeseen and sometimes catastrophic events.

For example, people buy homeowners insurance to protect themselves against the financial loss incurred from theft, fire, flood, or another natural or man-made disasters.

With so many people regularly making payments into the insurance pool, the insurance provider has more than enough money to cover the unlucky person whose house does burn down. Since insurance is meant to share risk, it only stands to reason that higher risk individuals should pay more to be insured. Put simply, most types of insurance protect against risk.

Is this the Case with Health Insurance?

Unfortunately, health insurance in America doesn’t work in the same common sense ways that other types of insurance coverage do. Health insurance works very differently. Many of us have health insurance plans that aren’t insurance at all. They’re really prepaid health care plans. They cover routine checkups, less serious illnesses, and recurring expenses like prescription medication in addition to protecting you from a health disaster.

If this health insurance model were applied to other types of insurance coverage, say car insurance, then a person’s car insurance would pay for their oil changes, new brake pads, and gasoline, in addition to car accidents. While this might sound great, the cost of car insurance would make it so most people couldn’t afford to drive if this were the case. Likewise, all of these factors in health insurance and have made health care much more expensive and complex.

Let Honor Insurance Help

Navigating through the often confusing health insurance weeds is difficult, to say the least. That is why Honor Insurance recommends talking to one of our health insurance agents in Fort Worth. We can help you get the best coverage you are eligible for at the most affordable price on the market. Call now to speak to a health insurance agent.

Health Insurance Agent Fort Worth

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